amki's babies

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Rhea'li Lyehga

Last name : Lyehga
First name : Rhea'li
Race : Miqo'te (Keeper of the Moon)
Age : 22 (ARR)
Height : 165cm
Gender : Male
Main job(s) : DNC, SCH
Server : Moogle (Chaos)

Rhea'li inherited the "worst of both worlds" from his father and biological mother, having Sihya'to's social awkwardness combined with Rhea's "serious face syndrome"; because of that, people often think he's aloof and intimidating, although after actually getting to know him better, it's obvious he's just a kind, awkward young man. He has gotten more confident and outspoken after adventuring for so long, but he still has his awkward moments from time to time.
Rhea'li loves experimenting with magic and has a fascination for ancient civilizations. He's recently discovered himself an unexpected love for dancing as well.


Rhea'li lived together with his two mothers (Rhea & Zadhu) and his father (Sihya'to) as well as his three younger siblings (the twins Nazha & Zadhu'a, and the youngest Zadhu'to), the elder three (Suhma, Rhea'a, and Rhea'to) having already left home.
When the Calamity struck, Rhea'li was separated from his parents and had to flee to Limsa Lominsa with the youngest three (who were 8 & 3 years old at the time) to seek refuge at the Arcanist's Guild, where Rhea had old friends and colleagues. Thubyrgeim took them in and gave them food and shelter, as well as employed Rhea'li to work in customs once he hit 18.

A Realm Reborn

Rhea'li decided to take up adventuring to give his siblings a more comfortable life, as well as look for his missing family, and ended up getting caught up in various events despite himself. Things kept happening left and right, and the next thing he knew, he one moment was acclaimed as the Hero of Eorzea, and the next falsely branded a traitor, forced to leave for Ishgard...


Ishgard was a rough time for Rhea'li, to say the least. Being accused of regicide certainly didn't help, but the worst was losing most of the Scions during their escape. It hit way too close to home, especially since he had yet to have any news on his family.
Then he was once again caught in events out of his control, met friends & foes, fought dragons, and helped put end to a millennium war.
Haurchefant was a breath of fresh air during those tough times, but he lost him as well. Rhea'li's biggest regret was not acting on his feelings before it was too late.

After everything, he was left drained, but surprises weren't going to end there, although this one was a happy one.
When he was finally able to come back home, a very familiar face greeted him. Suhma, his older sister, had a hard time getting a hold of her brother, despite (or maybe because of) his renown. Aside from a scar on her face (not that surprising for a fellow adventurer), she was unharmed and had information on their missing family as well.


The Ishgardian chapter closed, and the Doman-Mhigan one immediately opened, giving Rhea'li no respite. At least most of the Scions were found, though they had no time for celebrations.
Things kept happening, and honestly at this point Rhea'li thought he might be cursed. Except this time, instead of despairing, Rhea'li was...pretty pissed off. His friends keep getting kidnapped and threatened, people keep wanting to fight him and he keeps getting involved into foreign political issues and he's HAD IT. The meek young man is no more, replaced by an increasingly pissed-off Warrior of Light.
At least he managed to be reunited with his brother Rhea'to, who also found the last sibling and eldest son : Rhea'a. This managed to quell his anger quite a bit, though he still wasn't to be messed with.

And then his friends all collapsed one after another at the worst time possible. A curse, really.


Things. Kept. Happening.
Rhea'li has accepted that things will never stop happening. It's his curse.
On the bright side, as soon as he came back from his first trip to the First, he was immediately jumped by a very familiar trio of middle-aged Miqo'tes who'd apparently given poor Tataru lots of grief, demanding to see their baby boy. After everything, it was a relief for Rhea'li to finally have his family whole and he couldn't be happier.

The calm before the storm. He should have known, really.

Notable relationships

Y'mhitra : fellow nerd and friend.
Y'shtola : befriended after her sister. The true bro.
G'raha Tia : also fellow nerd, though their time together was short.
Haurchefant : could have been lovers, had they had more time.
Estinien : initial frustration that later became mutual respect. In dire need of a bath.
Crystal Exarch : respect, then friendship, then...? People are taking bets.

Abaka Qestir

Clan name : Qestir
First name : Abaka
Race : Au Ra (Xaela)
Age : 24 (ARR)
Height : 203cm
Gender : Male
Main job(s) : MNK
Server : Louisoix (Chaos)

A quiet, but not mute Au Ra. Like the rest of his clan, he believes words to be lies, and refuses to use them. He makes an exception for his name, accepting to write it down when necessary.
Abaka is very good at getting his point across without using words, so much so that it took weeks for the Scions to realize he...didn't actually speak. It's a running gag.

Yuki Takayaki

Last name : Takayaki
First name : Yuki
Race : Au Ra (Raen)
Age : ???
Height : 160cm
Gender : Female
Main job(s) : WAR
Server : Omega (Chaos)

An energetic young woman who was found unconscious on a Kugane beach, with vague memories of who she was.
Yuki has a bit of a reckless streak, and will tend to act before thinking, consequences be damned. She loves adventuring, and is really into ships, especially airships.
Based on my OC of the same name.


Yuki was found face down into the sand of a Kugane beach, with only vague memories of her friends and family, as well as a nagging feeling that she was supposed to be elsewhere, doing something important. She was taken in by a Raen doctor, Fusasue, and his adopted Xaela daughter, Uma, whom he found in much the same way. Being around the same age, Uma and Yuki became fast friends.
Yuki was happy in Kugane, but her natural love for adventure and the feeling that she shouldn't be there made her leave by boat to Eorzea, where her adventure truly began.

It turns out, however, that this Yuki was made from a small fragment of the original Yuki's soul, which is the reason she just appeared one day with seemingly no past...because she doesn't have any. Her name is the original Yuki's, and her few memories belong to her original as well. When she learns this, she's very obviously crushed, left wondering if her existence has any meaning at all.

After her adventures all over Hydaelyn, then in the First, however, she decides to stop chasing after a purpose and memories that aren't hers. It hurts to know the family and friends she was missing aren't even aware of her existence, but she has her own family and friends here in this world.
She may have the name and appearance of someone else, but she is her own person and will decide of her purpose herself.

Differences with the other Yuki

While both Yukis are impulsive, this Yuki is much more reckless, mostly because she doesn't have her twin to keep her in check. Not only that, but she also has more of a temper, which is mostly due to the frustration created by her lack of concrete memories.
The original Yuki wielded a staff, though she didn't really use it for magic and instead swung it around like an axe, while this Yuki wields an actual axe.
Their races are different as well. It is unknown what caused her to become an Au Ra, but it may be caused by the unstable aether she passed as a soul to get to Hydaelyn.